Unexpected Halloween loot – crypto user gives children Bitcoin

A crypto user gives away $100 worth of Bitcoin gift cards to children for Halloween.

While most kids would probably be sad if they found a cardboard card in their candy bag during their Halloween haul, some of them were able to enjoy some Bitcoin Era in just that form yesterday.

As shown in a video from October 31, Twitter user Brad Mills filled the Halloween bags he gave away not only with chocolate and candy, but also with Bitcoin gift cards worth $200. The price of the market-leading crypto currency had climbed to 14,000 US dollars just a few days ago.

The Twitter video shows how Mills throws the two cards, each representing 0.007 BTC, into the gift bags, whereupon he then films the reactions of the ringing children with a hidden camera.

The film shows a boy in a white costume eagerly rummaging through his Halloween bag before he finds the little treasure and loudly announces: “I got a $100 Bitcoin gift card!

Another child finds the second card a little later and shouts happily: “I got Bitcoin! I have got Bitcoin!”. The remaining little monsters in the group went away empty-handed, though, which was probably not so bad, because one of the children asks, baffled, “What is a Bitcoin? The von Mills family later gave away more Bitcoin gift cards to a group of girls who had gotten wind of the crypto loot.

Although it is not explicitly forbidden for minors in some countries to own Bitcoin or trade crypto-currencies, most crypto exchanges require proof that their users are at least 18 years old. Since the children in the video are from Mills of Canada, they could deposit their crypto-credits at a Bitcoin ATM, but they would not be able to change their BTC into their local currency via a crypto exchange.

The reactions of the crypto community to the video were as euphoric as the children, with Twitter users seeing it as a valuable lesson in scarcity.

“This is almost historic,” as crypto statistician Willy Woo notes in this context. And he continues: “Once these kids are in power, there will be only 0.002 BTC for every person in the world.

Other crypto users have already shown similar generosity in promoting the adoption of Bitcoin. As Cointelegraph reported only in September, an anonymous person distributed more than $1,000 to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in California to raise awareness of the crypto currency.